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 Rulez of joining to PL family

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Rulez of joining to PL family Empty
PostSubject: Rulez of joining to PL family   Rulez of joining to PL family Icon_minitimeMon Jul 19, 2010 12:41 pm

Rulezz of recruitactions
If u want try to Polish family u must do this:

- u must from Poles or live in Poland 3 years
- u must have 13 years and must know gore 3 months (i mean playing)
- u must know some english
- u must be activity on forum and in game
- u must be friendly
- u must know polish good not as HRX

If u pass that u go to 2nd time of recruiting and we decide do u enough good to be in PL family.

Time of recruation : 3 days - 2 weeks

in application u must say ur years old , name ,nickname gore , city , gore playing (how many u know gore) and ur hobbys and ur favourites map and weapons .


(Jeśli tego nie rozumiesz powiedz moje gg 2276709)

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Rulez of joining to PL family
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